PAKMULE - Cinch Lock

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The PAKMULE Cinch Lock is the ultimate lightweight locking system for securing gear to your PAKMULE. Made from 6 layers of stainless steel, reinforced with Kevlar fiber and wrapped in a rubberized coating, this combo lock functions just like the Mulestraps, but protects against opportunity theft. Comes in 60″ lengths, so you can secure two coolers together with just one Cinch Lock, and still have access to the contents of your cooler. Also great for securing premium dog kennels and other equipment in your truck bed!

*It is important to note that all locks can be defeated with proper tools, technique and time. Always exercise judgement and use caution, especially if leaving equipment secured overnight. For maximum security, use a redundant locking method.

*The Cinch Lock Hexband is made in the USA by OttoLock

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