Sea Run Cases - Expedition Classic Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Travel Case

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Forget the hassle of your fly fishing gear as a carry-on. Take the next step of travel with the best-in-class fly fishing travel case from SEA RUN travel cases. The best of all worlds when it comes to travel. Secure, lightweight, and compact luxury fly fishing gear travel cases for the serious fly fisherman. SEA RUN fly fishing cases are constructed of a double-wall composite for the best rigid case protection. Now you can check your fishing gear at the airline counter with total confidence. Secured with three TSA Compliant combination locks for maximum security and hand-finished with foam padding with full canvas interior.

The Interior bottom compartments are extra deep for large arbor reels and gear. Foam padding with space to fit reel drag nobs. Plenty of space for fly leader, fly line, fly boxes, and accessories. The divider wall separates the top from the bottom to fit 4-5 fly rods plus additional storage.


Style #  16201LXP/5998
Rigid double-wall ABS construction
TSA Compliant combination locks
PLX Italian Leather finish
Color: Green/Tobacco Leather, Tan Canvas Interior
Storage for up to 6 fly reels or other accessories
Storage for up to 5 four-piece 9.5ft fly rods
Multi-use compartments for fly line, tippet, leaders, and fly boxes
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